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Automatic Tissue Napkin Paper Folding Embossing Printing Machine

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Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine
CI Type Napkin Printing&Folding Machine

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Product Details:

Product Details

AISENSE series Automatic Tissue Napkin Paper Folding Embossing Printing Machine

Suitable roll materials of excellent printing performance:

Napkin paper /roll paper and so on material


1.Register by hand(Optional :automatic register system),start printing after mounting, improving the yield and reducing waste.

2. Changing a set of new plate roller, it just need 30 minutes to print again.

3. Max printing speed can get 130m/min, register precision +-0.15mm, the registering accuracy does not fluctuate during speed up and down.

4.Substrate's tension is held during machine paused, avoids substrate shifted.

5. The whole production line from the reel to put the finished product can achieve non-stop continuous production to maximize production efficiency.

6. Precise structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance & high automation, only one worker needed in machine operation.

Machine Technical Parameters

Suitalbe Material

Napkin Paper, Tissue Paper

Printing Width


Printing Colors


Max Printing Speed

130m/min(depend on different materials)

Printing Repeat Length


Printing Precision


Regsiter Method

By Hand

Drying Method

Electrical,hot oil,steam heating

Folding Specifications

1/4  1/6  1/8  optional

Machine Configuration:

1.Ceramic anilox roller;

2.Enclosed doctor blade;

3.High quality central drum;

4.PLC control;

5.Static image detection system;

6.Functions: printing,embossing,folding,cutting.


1.Register method:by hand with electrical motor control;

2.Auto case packer.