Welcome to the Xianghuai Website.We are mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing flexographic printing machines.


XIANGHUAI is a professional production of printing machinery manufacturers

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The office of the company  locate on the zhejiang hangzhou future sci-tech twon (zhejiang overseas high-level talents innovation park) with beautiful environment and perfect facilities, and the park collect hundreds of overseas high-tech enterprises together.

The industrial base of the company is located in zhongtai industrial park, adjacent to the "nanhu innovation town" built by alibaba, leading the development of a new round of intelligent manufacturing industry.

The company's core products are

1.stack type non-axial flexographic printing machine

2.Automatic high speed unit type flexo printing machine

3.High precision CI type flexographic printing machine

4.Multi-axis irregular curved surface polishing special robot

5.Special robot for grinding metal castings

6.Human-computer interaction software development platform