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Face Mask Raw Material PP Spunbond Nowoven Fabric Flexo Printing Machine

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Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine
Non-woven Fabric Flexo Printing Machine

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Face Mask Raw Material PP Spunbond Nowoven Fabric Flexo Printing Machine

XHYT-42100mm is a four-color stack type flexographic printing machine for non woven fabric and lazy rag disposable kitchen rags.It is suitable for multi-color continuous exquisite printing of ultra-wide and large roll diameter non-woven materials such as spunlace nonwoven fabrics and spunbonded nonwoven fabrics.


Main technical parameters:
★ Substrate: Nonwoven fabric
★ Material Roll Dia: Φmax1200mm
★ Rewinding Dia: Φmax1200mm
★ Printing Colors: 4 Color(only one side printing)
★ Material Width:600--2100 mm
★ Printing Width:560---2000mm
★ Printing lengh: 520---900mm
★ Printing Gear Pitch: 5mm
★ Color Register: ±0.25mm
★ Paper Core Dia:Φ76 mm air shaft
★ Ink: water based; alchol based;
★ Plate Thickness:2.28mm(depends on customer)
★ Adhesive Tape:0.38mm(depends on customer)
★ Air Consumption: 0.8Mpa 0.25m³/min
★ Mechncail Printing Speed: 100m/min
★ Max Printing Speed: 10-80m/min(depended on differnt materials, printing pattern and inks such printing process)
★ Color Register: Manual

★ Dimension: 7000×3600×2800mm(L×W×H)