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Flexo Printing Machine 6 Colors

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Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine
Paper Flexo Printing Machine
Non-woven Fabric Flexo Printing Machine
Plastic Film Flexo Printing Machine

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Product Details:


1. Easy operation, gentle starting, accurate color print.

2. The meter counter can set print quantity according the requirements, stop the machine automatically at the quantity or when the material is cut off.

3. After lifting and lowering the printing plate cylinder manunally, It will automatically stir the printing in.

4. The printing in is spread by the anilox cylinder roller with evenly ink.

5. Reliable dry system, coordinate high-speed opration, wngine off automatic abruption.

6. Frequency conversion velocity modulation, adaption differnet ponting speed.

7. On the version roller sear and receives on material to be loaded with the spot to move and the pause button, is advantage for when the justification operates the machine.

Suitable Materials:

Raw Material: PE, PVC, PP, Non Woven, paper, and etc.

Technical Parameter:

Printing Color:

1~8 Colors

Max. Width of Material:


Max. Width of Printing:


Length of Printing:


Machinery Speed:


Printing Speed:


(according to the printing materials)

Register Precision:

Transverse:+-0.15 Longitude:+-0.15