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Medical Packaging Bag Printing Machine Food Packaging Bag CI Flexo Press

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Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine
Paper Flexo Printing Machine

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Medical Packaging Bag Printing Machine

Food Packaging Bag CI Flexo Press

 This machine integrated CI flexo printing and gravure coating together, which is used in the medical packaging and food packaging industries.This machine has less space occupied and high efficiency.4-color CI flexo printing adopts water ink printing, green environmental protection,and low VOCs emissions; gravure coating is servo driven, accurate overprint precision to frame coating at back side; centralized extended oven to save energy.To provide our customers with high quality & cost effective flexible packaging products and solutions that meet an exceed their expectations.

Main Features of The Machine

4-color CI flexo printing (printing material is wrappd around a large central impression drum for printing). The precision helical gears are used, which is the most compact driving sysem, simple and reliable mechanism, stable transmission, and the accurate and rapid color register. The plate roll and the ceramic anilox roller are pneumatically clutched; the plate roll and the ceramic roller are separated when the machine is stopped. This machine operation is simple.

Main Technical Parameters

Print color

4~6 colors

Max web width


Max print width


Machine speed


Printing speed


Print length


Anilox roller

Ceramic anilox roller

Register precision

±0.15-0.2mm( by hand)

Max unwind diameter

1200 mm

Max rewind diameter

1200 mm

Rewind/unwind paper core dia

76mm(inner diameter)

Wind roller

air shaft

Air resource


Doctor blade

Enclosed doctor blade

Main motor power


Total power